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Aging Pet Care and Health

As your pet ages, they will experience many changes in their appearance and their health. Their coat color may turn grayer, their mobility may lessen, and their vision and hearing may worsen, but underneath it all, they are still your companion and deserve the utmost care during their senior days. It is important to know common signs of health deterioration in senior pets and how to do your part in keeping your pet healthy as long as possible. Here are some tips and advice to keep your senior pet comfortable and free of medical problems.

Behavior Changes

Behavior changes are typically one of the first signs you will notice in your aging pet. They may become more agitated with age due to pain or discomfort. They may also be less interested in playing or engaging with family members. While this may have no underlying cause, the behavior changes can sometimes be brought on by cognitive decline or arthritis. It is important to stay up to date with veterinary visits as your animal’s behavior changes to ensure their health is not declining.

Medical Issues

As pets age, their immune systems weaken. Minor illnesses that they used to be able to fight off could now become life-threatening. As your pet ages, it’s not just their appearance that evolves; their organs become less resilient and require more medical attention.

Senior pets are prone to kidney, liver, heart failure, cancer, and arthritis. These issues typically give little to no warning before becoming harmful to your senior pet. It is important to visit your veterinarian biannually so your pet can receive full medical attention including bloodwork to avoid potential health risks associated with old age.

Maintaining your senior pet’s health is essential to their well-being and ensuring they live a long, happy life. Contact your trusted veterinarian to discuss your aging pet’s specific medical needs and schedule regular appointments.