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Encanto Pets Say “Thanks”!

Encanto Pet Clinic veterinarians and staff are grateful for so many things – most of all, we are thankful for you! We know your pets are thankful for all the things you do to make their lives better. So we’ll speak for them and say “Thanks” for these things:

Sheba Post Massage 2012-03-02_19-05-22_859

All pets need a place to call their own.

1.Practicing good petiquette.” Without you giving me boundaries, I would not know how to wait at the door, know when biting is not cool, or have good bathroom manners. You know the scoop on poop, and because of you, everyone who meets me loves me.

2. Giving me a microchip.  A tiny microchip is implanted under my skin and uses radio frequencies to identify me when a scanner is passed over the chip. I am given a unique identifying number that is filed with a pet recovery service. It lasts for a lifetime! If cats or dogs are lost, animal rescue organizations are able to scan the microchip and find owners more quickly. And it is so wonderful that you regularly update my information – so many pets are lost and their microchip information is incorrect. If I wander, I want to come right home to you.

3. Keeping my weight under control. That Thanksgiving dinner sure looks good. But I know you care about my health, and letting me have all the snacks and people food I want is not good for me. You read the labels of my food – and my snacks – to make sure it is nutritionally balanced and comes from a reliable source. Even though I beg for mashed potatoes, I feel much better when you refuse. I especially love those natural treats you make, like sweet potato chips and grain-free biscuits.

Shelby and Tim Camping 008 - Copy

Shelby and Tim Camping

4. Playing with me. I love it when you play with me! You buy me safe toys that don’t break easily or chip, and are made with nontoxic materials. You throw the ball, hike with me or dangle the toy mouse until I’ve had a healthy amount of exercise. You understand how important it is to pet me, both for your heath and mine. Touching helps me feel relaxed and secure.

5. Giving me my own space. You know that sometimes I need to hang out on my own, in my own bed or designated spot. You give me a safe, secure yard in which to play, so I can’t go wandering or have uninvited guests. I have my own water and food bowls, and I can play with my own toys instead of chewing on your slippers – even if they do taste yummy.

6. Letting me make my own friends. You take me to playgroups if I don’t have siblings, so I can learn to play with others. You made sure that when I was a baby, I learned how to play and socialize, so that as an adult I can share and be a part of the cool crowd.

7. Keeping me safe around other people. You don’t allow uninformed people or animals to harm me or make me uncomfortable. You explain my special needs and ask that others treat me in a kind and gentle fashion. I am always confident when I am with you.

8. Checking the weather channel. Before we go out for walks or you leave me in a room at home, you make sure the temperature is reasonable, so I won’t overheat or get too cold. You never take me out on a summer sidewalk, or leave me in a hot car. You make sure I always have access to water and shelter.  

Venus weight check with Dr Kranch

Venus has a weight check with Dr Kranch

9. Taking me to Encanto Pet Clinic to visit – even when I am well. I love those guys! They help me stay healthy and happy, and they really like me! They welcome me for well-pet visits so I can get used to all the sights and smells of the clinic. They make sure I am up to date on all my vaccinations, and that I don’t have any problems that you weren’t able to spot at home.