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4340 E. Broadway Blvd.
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Tucson Veterinary Surgery

Tucson General and Emergency Veterinary Surgery

We offer general and emergency veterinary surgery with a fully equipped surgical suite and monitoring equipment to insure the safety of your pet during surgery.

During the entirety of all of our anesthetic procedures and surgeries we have trained veterinary technicians and assistants monitoring your pet. They continually monitor your pet’s vital signs such as heart rate, blood oxygen concentration, blood pressure, temperature and CO2 levels. Those same trained personnel stay with your pet throughout recovery and continue to monitor their vital signs ensuring a smooth recovery.

Some of the surgeries we offer include spaying, neutering, mass removal, abdominal surgery, wound and laceration repair and limb amputation.

Procedures Offered

  • Surgical procedures require specialized equipment, sterilization capabilities and anesthesia.
  • Some of our most common surgical procedures include dentistry, spaying and neutering.
  • By doing diagnostic procedures such as blood work, x-rays or ultrasound our veterinarians can determine the need for surgical intervention.
  • If your pet needs a very specialized surgical procedure, Encanto Pet Clinic doctors may refer your pet to a Tucson veterinary surgical specialist.


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