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The History of Veterinary Medicine

An ancient Egyptian text called the Papyrus of Kahun dates back to 1900 BC and is the earliest existing document that mentions veterinary medicine. There is also evidence that medical care for animals was practiced in India around the same time.

In the European world, veterinary medicine first came about in the 1300s. Since horses were one of the most important economic drivers on the continent during that time, most veterinary care available was centered around the equine species. In fact, the first veterinary treatise, published in 1598, was written completely about the anatomy and physiology of horses. By that time, farmers had been practicing medical care on their horses for centuries, with many joining the Worshipful Company of Farriers. This group, established in 1674, was designed to provide a minimum level of care to the animals.

In 1762, the first veterinary college in Europe was founded by Claude Bourgelat in Lyon, France. A similar college, founded by a grandson of William Penn, popped up in London in 1791. In the early days of the United States, veterinarians were trained in Europe before traveling across the ocean. However, by the mid-1800s, several major East Coast cities had their own private institutions for veterinary medicine.

Throughout the 1900s, practitioners of veterinary science made huge advances in the field. New surgical techniques were developed, along with anesthesia, vaccines, and antibiotics that not only kept animals healthy, but prevented diseases from being spread to humans. Most veterinarians primarily treated livestock; it wasn’t until after World War II that medical care for household pets became common.

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