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Your Pets Come with Benefits!

Pet Appreciation Week and a Chance to Win Prizes!  

Go ahead – cuddle! Our furry friends come with more benefits than you thought. June brings Pet Appreciation Week, and the Encanto Pet Clinic veterinarians and staff are so grateful to know you and your pets! We want to encourage you to enter our photo contest and have a chance to win fun prizes! Read on for eligibility requirements.

Dr. Tim Ireland takes Dobby out on his first kayaking trip! Photo courtesy Tina Ireland

Dr. Tim Ireland takes Dobby out on his first kayaking trip! Photo courtesy Tina Ireland

Pets play an important role in all our lives – as companions, security guards, entertainers, and even healers. In approximately 71 million households across the United States, most pet owners agree that pets enhance and improve their outlook on life. Here are some surprising ways that pets help us:

  • They give us healthier hearts. A National Institutes of Health (NIH) study suggested that dog owners have a better survival rate after a heart attack, compared to patients without pets at home.
  • HamsterThey help us chill. The NIH study also found that owners have a quicker recovery from stress when they are with their pets than when they are with human family members.
  • They are better than Cheerios. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention says that pets can decrease cholesterol and lower blood pressure – and you don’t even have to add milk.
  • They give us balance. Elderly dog owners have improved balance and have fewer falls, perhaps due to regular walks with their pets.
  • They teach us responsibility. Children who have pets learn to accept responsibility for tasks. They also learn about compassion. Although studies involving children are limited, their findings suggest that children feel less stress and behavioral issues if they have interaction with animals.
  • Mice are healthier around pets. At least that is what a 2013 study shows. The study found that mice were protected against specific allergens when they were exposed to dust from homes with dogs. It seems wacky, but the researchers believe that the protection actually came from gut bacteria of humans who were living with their pets. So when you have pets, your tummy feels better.
  • They can help hospital patients. Interactions with therapy animals can help hospital patients and nursing home residents reduce pain, increase focus and improve social interaction.


Cat picture by Frederico Diliberto

Cat picture by Frederico Diliberto

You can also help your dog or cat stay healthy by offering love, compassion, and touch – beyond the perfunctory pat on the head or filling the food bowls twice a day. Here are a few ways:

Animals are an integral part of our lives – and Encanto Pet Clinic veterinarians and staff want to see how you interact and show love to your own pets! Send us a photo of you and your pet doing something together – playing, sleeping, eating, loving each other’s company, etc. – and post it to our Facebook Page here. Include the words “Best Friends” in your post to be eligible! You could win a fun prize for your pet!

Scooter learns to swim - photo courtesy Tina Ireland

Scooter learns to swim – photo courtesy Tina Ireland