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Brushing 101


Many people think that brushing is only necessary for long haired breeds, not true! Brushing is an advantageous practice for all dogs. While it is true that some breeds require more grooming maintenance than others and all dogs can benefit from regular trips to the groomer, brushing your pet at home is a positive practice for you and your dog regardless of their breed or coat type!

Brushing your pet is not only preventative of tangles and mats. For all dogs, regular brushing helps to distribute natural oils throughout the coat, remove debris and dead skin cells, stimulate their skin, and provide for a great bonding experience between you and your pet. All of which help to make for a healthy, happy canine friend. In addition to the physical benefits, brushing your pet on a regular basis helps you to become more aware and familiar with their bodies. This can aid you in identifying growths, sores, or other abnormalities that you can bring to the attention of your veterinarian for treatment or monitoring.

Some dogs may naturally take to being brushed and pampered while others are more adverse to it. If your dog runs from you and dives behind the couch when you pull out their brush, try starting with short, frequent sessions instead of attempting a complete brush out in one sitting. It’s important to establish the brushing routine as a positive experience for your pet. Find a place in your home that is comfortable for you and your dog and start with petting them and giving them praise (some dogs respond really well to praise AND healthy treats!) while slowly running the brush over their coat. Establish a routine for yourself to perform these sessions with your dog, maybe after meal times, their daily walk, or a good game of fetch. And remember, don’t give up! With repetition and praise, over time, most dogs will become accustomed to being brushed, allowing you to do a thorough job.

Happy brushing!

Treva Barnett, Professional Groomer

Encanto Pet Clinic