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Have We Seen Your Cat? 8 Reasons to Schedule a Feline Vet Exam

Your cat is “low maintenance” and entertains himself. He finds the warmest spot of sunshine on the windowsill and is obsessed with the birds that drink at the fountain outside. He is happy and healthy – at first glance.

But a closer look by your Tucson veterinarian at Encanto Pet Clinic could reveal problems, and an early diagnosis can save you a lot of worry – and money.

There are more than 86 million pet cats in the United States, holding the title of most popular pet. 33% of American households own at least one cat, but a 2010 study by Bayer Animal Health revealed that one-third of pet cats have not had yearly veterinary examinations. The study reported that 24% of cat owners felt that routine checkups are unnecessary. Others delayed taking their cat to the veterinarian because their cat is too fearful, aggressive, or stressed over the visit.

A “well kitty” visit usually lasts from 15 to 30 minutes. Here are 8 reasons to schedule an appointment at Encanto Pet Clinic:

  1. We’re into eyes and ears… Our Tucson
    Cat Eye Exams in Tucson, AZ

    Checking Venus’ eyes

    veterinarians want to look deep into your cat’s eyes and inspect the eyelids and skin around the eyes. They look for inflammation or infection, scratches or dryness on the cornea, or problems with vision. They will check for ear mites or a build up of wax or blockage in the ears. An ear infection, also called Otitis externa can be subtle and is often unrecognized by cat owners until other symptoms develop. Some causes of otitis externa are allergies, autoimmune disorders, reactions to medications and fungal infections.
  2. …and nose and toes. The nose can warn of allergies, respiratory infections, and Feline viral rhinopneumonitis (FVR). Your vet will also check your cat’s feet for broken claws, injury or cracking of the pads, and sensitivity.
  3. We’ll balance the scale.
    Feline Health Exams in Tucson, Arizona

    Doobie Getting a Weight Check

    We will weigh your cat and make sure he is of an appropriate weight for his age and stature. An obese or underweight cat may be exhibiting symptoms of a metabolic or endocrine disease. Our staff can also consult with you about feeding and nutrition to maintain your cat’s ideal weight
  4. We’ll check his coat at the door.
    Tucson Cat Health Exams

    Venus Loves to be Brushed!

    Perhaps your cat’s coat just doesn’t feel the same, or you notice patchy areas or the lack of new growth in areas of hair loss. Sarcoptic mange mites or other parasites might be the problem, or it could be a symptom of a thyroid imbalance. Patterns of hair loss could indicate compulsive self-grooming, ringworm, or allergies.
  5. Feline Oral Health Exam in Tucson, AZ

    Spooky Getting a Mouth Check

  6. We’ll ask him to open his mouth and meow. Your vet will look into your cat’s mouth for inflammation of the gums, broken or loose teeth, and any abnormal growths.
  7. We know he has heart – and lungs. Our veterinarian listens to the sound of your kitty’s heart and lungs. Abnormalities can reveal respiratory infections, heart disease or other problems.
  8. Tucson Feline Veterinarians

    Checking Doobie’s Heart and Lungs

  9. We think inside the litter box. A fecal test and a visual exam of your cat could reveal intestinal parasites or impaction. If your cat is not leaving the usual “deposits” in the litter box, he may be dealing with a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI), Feline Interstitial Cystitis, or a kidney stone.
  10. We watch the attitude. Sometimes changes in behavior can hint of pain, physical problems or discomfort. Make sure to inform the veterinarian and staff of any changes in behavior, even if they seem insignificant.
Feline Health Exam, Encanto Pet Clinic in Tucson AZ

Venus Gets a Reward for Good Behavior!

We want your cat to continue to enjoy that sunny spot on the windowsill. Call us today to schedule a “well kitty” exam! And make sure to have your cat’s picture taken for our Facebook page!

Are you concerned about bringing your cat to the clinic? Here are some tips:

  1. Always use a carrier when bringing your cat to an appointment. Our staff at Encanto Pet Clinic can help you choose the proper size and style of carrier for your pet.
  2. Leave the carrier out for a few days before bringing your cat to his appointment. Add a toy or a piece of clothing for a familiar smell, and always use praise when putting your cat in the carrier.
  3. Use the carrier to transport your cat in a vehicle. It is dangerous for both you and your cat to allow him to move about inside the car.
  4. Other animals can intimidate a normally docile feline. Keeping him in his carrier while waiting for your appointment can reduce his anxiety. Ask the staff for a towel to cover the carrier during your stay in the waiting room, so your feline feels more secure.