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How to Know If Your Pet Needs More Exercise

Is your pet getting enough exercise each day? The answer might surprise you. While it might seem like your pet is perfectly content to nap all day or lounge around the house, they might not be getting the physical activity they need to stay healthy. We’re here to help you determine whether or not your pet is moving enough–here are some common signs that your pet needs more exercise.

Weight Gain

One common sign that your pet isn’t getting enough exercise is that they are gaining weight, even though you haven’t made changes to their daily diet. Your pet could be taking in too many calories for their current activity level, which will lead to weight gain. There are other factors that could contribute to weight gain as well, so be sure to get your pet evaluated by a professional if you suspect that their weight is related to their exercise levels.

You should note that pets’ caloric needs change with age, so older pets may not need much more exercise, but they do need changes to their diet. In fact, older pets may need less exercise, or they might benefit from having their physical activity broken up into smaller sessions throughout the day. 

Destructive Behaviors Around The House

There are many reasons a pet may display destructive behavior, such as a lack of training or bad behavior. However, some destructive behaviors, such as chewing on furniture or excessive digging, might be a sign that they need more exercise. That’s because pets often turn to these behaviors out of boredom when they are not getting enough stimulation during the day. It’s a way to cope with what is essentially cabin fever–try taking your dog out for extra walks or investing in a cat tower to see if this fixes the problem.

Withdrawn Behavior

Your pet may be typically social and active, but if they’re noticeably withdrawing from daily life, it could be a sign that they need more exercise. Lack of activity can make them moody or withdrawn, so this is a definite red flag.

Feel free to contact your veterinarian if you have any questions about your pet’s activity levels or if you’ve noticed changes in your pet’s behavior and daily habits.