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Your Pet is Family. Make Regular Checkups.

For many pet owners, the lines between human and animal blur when it comes to family membership. If you fall into this category, then you also know how important it is to care for your pet’s every need, beginning with the basics of food, water and shelter. Additionally, daily interaction is another aspect of ownership and integration that your pet needs and wants. Beyond that, there is also preventive medical care that will help cats, dogs and other creatures that come into your home enjoy a longer life while remaining in the best of health.

You would, for instance, never neglect a child’s health issues or your own, and annual or semi-annual wellness exams are also a part of many families’ routines. The same attention for your pets is just as critical to their wellbeing. Puppies and kittens, adult animals and senior pets all have varying needs that range from checking for parasites and receiving updated vaccinations to monitoring hearts, kidneys and checking for other issues that may be generalized or breed specific. Ongoing dental care is another vital consideration that can contribute to longevity. With so many advances in veterinary care today, there is every reason to expect your pet could potentially live well into old age while continuing to be an actively contributing partner in your family.

As the weeks and years pass, you will continue to love your pet even more, and you will also be in greater tune to any changes in habits and behaviors. Just as you would seek medical attention for a child, yourself or an aging parent under these conditions, animals deserve this same level of care. You should never hesitate to consult your veterinarian when it comes to seeking assistance for illnesses, asking for advice on nutrition and exercise or making simple prevention appointments.

All pets should see the vet for a regular check up once a year. Schedule a visit with the Tucson veterinarians at Encanto Pet Clinic today.