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Preventing Your Cat’s Behavioral Issues

Freddie the cat

Your adorable, playful kitten will one day grow into a mature cat, and when they do, it will be much more challenging to correct undesirable behaviors. To prevent your cat from developing bad habits that cause strain in your household, you must take several vital measures while your cat is still young and learning. If you have adopted an adult cat, it is still possible to prevent future behavioral problems by getting off on the right foot with these strategies. 

Prevent Your Cat from Becoming Fearful 

To prevent your kitten from growing into a fearful, skittish adult cat, it is important to take time to expose them to a range of environments and people while they are young. Create positive new experiences by gently introducing your kitten to new people, household items, and animals. 

Don’t Skimp on Playtime  

Like humans, cats can become bored. When a cat is bored, they may spice up their day by wreaking havoc on your home and engaging in unpleasant behavior. Playing with your cat and supplying them with plenty of toys can keep your cat stimulated and reduce unwanted behaviors. 

Introduce Nail Trimming and Scratch Posts Early 

Cats scratch to maintain their claws. Introduce nail trimming while they are young, so they become less reluctant to nail trimming as they age. It is also important to buy designated scratch posts or pads, so your cat can engage in harmless scratching without ruining your furniture.

Be Diligent About Your Cat’s Litter Box 

Cats are finicky about their litter boxes. They do not enjoy a dirty litter box and may neglect to use it if it is too full. Prevent the risk of them urinating or defecating around your home by cleaning the litter box regularly. 

Being proactive with your cat’s behavioral management will save you hassle in the long run. Contact your trusted veterinarian today to learn more about negative cat behaviors and how to prevent them.